About Us


Welcome to Sand Hill-Venable Elementary

Sand Hill-Venable Elementary School is located in the Enka community, just west of Asheville, North Carolina. Our school serves approximately 575 students in grades K-4. Sand Hill-Venable is dedicated to total school success and lifelong learning through the positive interaction of home, school and community. We have a diverse community of students who represent 19 different countries from around the world. This rich cultural diversity is one of the most unique things about our school, and we celebrate our families each year with our annual Community Night event.

We understand that each child has unique background that requires responsiveness to their individual academic, social, emotional, and physical needs. We strive to meet those needs through focused instruction, enrichment, and intervention. Our staff is dedicated to creating a rigorous course of instruction that meets the demands of the world in which we live. We help our students set personalized goals, and our staff works diligently and collaboratively to ensure each student meets those goals. We are focused on building skills for success that will serve students throughout their academic career and beyond. We invite you to visit our school and become part of our dynamic school community