Education Links

Recorder Music

Click on the link and download the file to your computer.

Recorder Karate Dojo

Practice Recorder Karate Music here.  See me for the user name and password. 
On the Recorder Karate Dojo page...
    ...Click on Streaming Audio to practice with a recording. 
    ...Click on Interactive Fingering Chart to see and hear notes for recorder.

Music K-8 fun stuff

Choose from several interactive games and pages to learn about music. 


Unifix Drum Machine

Add different drum sounds by creating patterns with unifix cubes.


Musical Fraction Bars

Play and create music.


Virtual Keyboard

Play a virtual keyboard on the internet.


Interactive Orchestra

Explore different instruments of the orchestra.

San Francisco Symphony Kids

Fun and games with the basics of music.


Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids' Page

Learn about the orchestra by playing games...