Unit 8 Investigations

About the Mathematics in This Unit


Our class is starting a new unit about multiplication and division called Larger Numbers and Multi-Step Problems. During this unit, students build on the work they did in Unit 5. Students solve multiplication and division problems within 100 including multiplication problems in which they multiply a two-digit by a one-digit number, and solve division problems with two-digit quotients. They also solve multi-step problems.

Throughout the unit, students work toward these goals:

Benchmarks Examples
Solve multiplication and division problems within 100.

Ms. Gomez has 5 boxes of crayons. There are 16 crayons in each box. How many crayons does Ms. Gomez have?

Handwritten math with 3 equations: 5×10=50, 5×6=30, 30+50=80.

Demonstrate fluency with the division facts.

A Division Card with partial division facts: 42÷7=__, 42÷__=7. Text reads: Start with 7×5=35. The last equation is handwritten on a blank.

Solve multi-step problems involving more than one operation. Franick starts with 30 marbles and receives 3 marbles every night. How many marbles does Franick have on Day 10?
Benchmarks Examples
Find the area of a rectangular array by breaking it apart (using the distributive property). An 8 by 13 array shows how to break it apart to find the area.
Solve multiplication and division problems involving masses and volumes.

Phillip has 9 buckets. He fills each of the buckets with 4 liters of water and pours them into an empty aquarium. How many liters of water are now in the aquarium?

A block of sandstone has a mass of 72 kilograms. Alicia cuts the block into 8 smaller, same-size blocks. What is the mass of each of the smaller blocks?