Unit 3 Investigations

 Mathematics in This Unit


Our class is starting a new mathematics unit about addition and subtraction called Travel Stories and Collections. In this unit, students practice and refine addition and subtraction strategies and solve different types of subtraction problems. They work on understanding the place value of 3-digit numbers and learn about the size of the number 1,000.

Throughout the unit, students work toward the following goals:

Benchmarks/Goals Examples
Use knowledge of place value to read, write, sequence, and round numbers up to 1,000.

Put the following numbers in order on the number line below. Then circle the number you would round to 300 when rounding to the nearest 100.

A number line shows the numbers 200, 300, 400, and 500. The numbers 234, 342, 423, and 432 are added to the number line. The number “342” is circled.

Solve addition problems with 3-digit numbers (up to 400) by using strategies that involve breaking numbers apart, either by place value or by adding one number in parts.


Solve subtraction problems with 2- and 3-digit numbers (up to 300) by using strategies that involve either subtracting one number in parts or finding the difference by adding up or subtracting back.


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