Unit 2

About the Mathematics in This Unit


Our class is starting a new mathematics unit about data called Graphs and Line Plots. During this unit, students collect, represent, describe, and interpret data.

Throughout the unit, students work toward these goals:

Benchmarks/Goals Examples
Organize, represent, and describe categorical data, choosing categories that help make sense of the data.

What is your favorite game?

A diagram shows different types of games that can be played alone, with a partner, and with a group.d
Make and interpret a bar graph and a pictograph, including use of scales greater than 1. A bar graph titled, “How Do You Get to School?” Twenty students take the bus. Twenty-five students walk. Fifteen students take a car. Five students bike.
Make a line plot for a set of measurement data, with a scale that includes inches and half-inches. A number line shows “How Many Inches Long Is Your Foot?”
Benchmarks/Goals Examples
Describe and summarize a set of data, describing concentrations of data and what those concentrations mean in terms of the situation the data represent. Handwritten text.d
Generate measurement data by measuring lengths to the half-inch. A segment of a ruler with arrows pointing to the half-inch markers.

Non Investigations Games: Multiplication and Division Games