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               Check here to find the latest projects and accomplishments of the student led environmental group -The Green Team Garden Club.  


 Garden Club Dates 2014 -    Sept.8, Sept. 22, Oct. 6, Oct. 20, Nov. 3, Nov. 17, Dec. 1, Dec.15

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Garden Club Outdoor Classroom Movie
Why a school garden? Why a garden club?


  • School gardening has been shown to increase self esteem, help students develop a sense of ownership and responsibility, help foster relationships with family members, and increase parental involvement.
  • Third, fourth, and fifth grade students who participated in school gardening activities scored significantly higher on science achievement tests compared to students that did not experience any garden-based learning activities
  • After gardening, students have shown increased knowledge about nutrition, plant ecology, and gardening.
  • Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Our school has been awarded a $3,500 from Lowe's to build an outdoor classroom for the students of SH-V.

    What are we going to do in garden club?


       In our after school garden program we will be doing everything we need to do to maintain a prosperous school garden. Jobs will include planting, pruning, weeding, watering, and soil and mulch maintenance. We will also be learning about vegetation in North Carolina, growing seasons, plant and soil care, composting, recycling, sustainability and other green initiatives. We will also be incorporating art, music, math, literacy, science, social studies and writing into our garden club activities.