News & Notes

Prickett-Room 102

Discipline Plan

The students and I worked together to come up with expectations for our classroom, and I grouped them into three categories. We only have three major expectations with examples below each expectation.


*Be Respectful

 -Follow directions, talk quietly, raise your hand, have a positive attitude.

*Be Caring

-Keep hands and feet to self, use good manners, be polite, take turns.

*Be Responsible

-Use time wisely, complete classwork and homework on time, walk, concentrate on work to be done.


 We also have four character traits that we will focus on that go along with our expectations.

They are:





Our class behavior plan is called Dojo which is a computer based program where students earn and lose points based on certain behavior. Most of our points are earned for listening, following directions, working hard (staying on task), and being helpful to friends. We have a “Tens Club” for students who earn 10 points in one week which allows special privileges. We start over each Monday. It seems to be working for our class. If students have a good day, they may put a smiley face in the box for that day along with the number of points they have accumulated for the week. If there is a problem, I will write a number corresponding with the inappropriate behavior at the bottom of the calendar. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think or if you have questions.

Rewards include classroom money to spend in the class “Treasure Box Store,” Friday treats, stickers, verbal compliments, and notes home.