Supply List

Supply List     supplies

* 2 large packages of wide-ruled notebook paper (not college-ruled)
*1large boxes of tissues (and one box later)
*2  boxes of #2 pencils (24 count) Preferred brand: Ticonderoga or Dixon)
*6 plastic plain pocket folders with fasteners in the following colors: red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, green 
*4 marble composition books (the kind without wires)
*2 packs of large glue sticks
*1 package of markers
*1 package of  twistable colored pencils
*1 pack of sticky post-it notes
*1 large bottle of hand sanitizer
*1 pack of dry erase markers (fine tip)
*1  one inch Avery durable 3 ring binder
*1 pack of dividers with at least 5 dividers
*1 pack of baby wipes or refill packs
*1 water bottle
*1 pencil box
* One set of headphones or earbuds
*If you are a girl: box of gallon-sized Ziplock baggies
*If you are a boy: box of snack sized Ziplock baggies
* 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
* Multiplication Flash Cards
* Addition/Subtraction Flash Cards
* 1 Box of Band Aids
**Please do not put your name on supplies. These supplies will be shared though out the year by everyone in the class.