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Welcome to 4th grade!! How exciting!!!

Posted by Marie Case at 8/14/2015

I can't wait to meet each one of you and here about the exciting things you did this summer and what you expect to learn in 4th grade.  We will have fun field trips, science lab experiments and lots of group activities in the classroom to make learning fun and fascinating for you!  See you on Tuesday August 18th for meet your teacher day!


Fall thoughts

Posted by Marie Case at 10/15/2012
Now that you have been in the school for a couple of months and learning what it is like to be in an intermediate school....are you feeling more success with your progress up to this point?  Do you have any thoughts on how you can be a leader within the Koontz Intermediate community of teachers, students, parents and administrators?

Welcome to Koontz and our classroom blog

Posted by Marie Case at 8/25/2012

Your first week

Posted by Marie Case at 8/25/2012
How did your first week at Koontz go?  We are so excited to have you here as we start the first full year in our new building.