News & Notes

I look forward to meeting everyone on Friday 8/26/2016 from 1:00-3:00 for "Meet your teacher" day.  We will be sending home lots of information the first few weeks of school, so I apologize in advance for so much at one time.  We will have 30 minutes of reading each night along with some problems from our Math lesson of that day.  Please check your students' backpack each night because they will have a homework folder which may have additional notices, brochures and other paperwork from the school which may have deadlines. We will also add spelling activities after the first week of school begins.  
The students will write a "weekly" letter home to you on Fridays to let you know what they have learned from the week.  There will also be a "weekly report" from the 4th grade team which will let you know what we studied and what to expect the next week or any immediate events. It will also be customized to our classroom and individual success/difficulties for a communication tool between home and school.
I am excited to get the year started and hopefully your family is too!
Marie Case