AIG Services Description

AIG Services for Buncombe County Elementary Schools
  • Cluster grouping (at least 5 AIG students or more) in elementary classrooms where teachers have local endorsement in gifted education
  • Curriculum differentiation by the classroom teachers
  • Gifted curriculum materials available for loan to teachers
  • Planning with classroom teachers by the AIG Specialist
  • Weekly enrichment groups with the AIG Specialist using curriculum designed for all Buncombe County gifted students
  • Critical, creative, and logical thinking activities interspersed with the regular AIG curriculum
  • 1st-2nd grade "Problem Solvers" for primary students who show a need for enrichment
  • Consultative services for K students
  • Progress reports to parents at the end of each grading period
  • Nominations for gifted services, testing, and review of the need for differentiated services for nominated students