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Michael Breedlove Memorial Book Mobile

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Michael was my nephew and meant the world to me.  I started this book mobile in his honor and in hopes he will always be remembered.


Michael Brandon Breedlove

March 7, 1989-  Forever


At the age of 11 Michael was diagnosed with Fredrick Ataxia, an inherited disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system.  Throughout his life he faced many struggles and defeats; however, he always maintained a positive outlook on life and brought many joys to everyone that knew him. 


The ‘’Michael Breedlove Memorial Book Mobile” is a way of passing along the things Michael taught many.  Each milestone in life is an accomplishment.  Many children face challenges in life, but sometimes all they need is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.  Helping these children have the best opportunity life has to offer is my way of sharing Michael’s compassion with the world.


Michael Breedlove Memorial Book Mobile & Backpack Program


There are over 1,000 children in the 4 Hominy Valley Elementary Schools receiving free lunches.  This does not include those receiving reduced lunches. 


The Backpack Program is a way to get food into the hands of children.  On Friday the kids pick up a bag of food for the weekend.  This program runs through the school year.   


There is also a need for summer backpacks.  Last summer I distributed 76 bags filled with food, and a book of their choice to children who attend Sand Hill-Venable Elementary school once a week. 


This year we have reached over a hundred each week!!  :) 


The goal is to get year round backpacks to  every child in need who attends Hominy Valley Elementary, Candler Elementary, Pisgah Elementary and Sand Hill-Venable Elementary.


How Can You Help?


By donating items the kids can fix for themselves for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Examples:  Easy pull top cans of spaghetti O’s, soups, raviolis, fruit cups, breakfast bars, cheese crackers, pop tarts and juice boxes...    


To help support the Michael Breedlove Memorial Book Mobile & Backpack Program or to drop off items please contact Sharon Breedlove at or Sand Hill-Venable Elementary School @ 828-670-5028 (Mon.-Thurs. over summer).  When calling over the summer, please request that your message be forwarded to Ms. Breedlove.


If you have or know of a child in need of the book mobile/backpack program, please contact Ms. Breedlove.  The book mobile will run on Wednesdays over the summer starting on June 23rd and ending on August 11th.  On the final day, those students participating in the program will recive a backpack filled with school supplies for school.

All donations my be dropped off at Sandhill-Venable Elementary School.  We are currently preparing backpacks filled with school supplies to be distributed to students. 


Thank you for all support.  Many Blessing!