Students will bring home a homework folder each night, Monday - Thursday.  This folder will  include notes and handouts from school.  Students should be responsible for getting information out of folders for parents at night and getting information out of folders to teachers each morning.   

Nightly Reading:

Students should read 30 minutes each night.  They can read anything they want as long as they are reading.  After reading, students should record the reading in the reading log provided in the homework folder.  Parents should initial in the space provided.

Other Homework:


Students will bring home regular math homework.  All math homework is a review of something that we have worked on in class.   

Reading Response 

Students will write a short response to their reading.  These responses should answer one of the given questions.  Answers should be neat and written in complete sentences.

 If students are regularly having problems with homework, please contact me.  Thank you for your help in reviewing skills learned at school and developing responsible students!