Adair, April

Welcome to 206!!


April Adair- Teacher

Welcome to second grade! I am excited about creating a fun and productive year with my new students and their families! I am so happy to have the opportunity to spend my days working and learning with the fantastic second graders at Sand Hill-Venable! 

I will continue to update this page as I get the room unpacked and set up!   

Parents feel free to contact me by phone or email me with any questions or concerns you might have throughout the year.  By working together as a team we will help your child reach their full potential. 

Students, check out the Website links and calendar for important dates. Also let me know if there is anything you can think of that we can share through our Website.
It is going to be a great year!


April Adair
A little bit about me ...
I have been a part of the Sand Hill-Venable family since 2001.  I spent one year as a fifth grade teacher and then switched to third grade. After working in third grade for thirteen years I have the opportunity to have a new adventure in second grade! I am so excited to learn a new curriculum and experience working with younger children!
I am a graduate of The College of Charleston with a bachelor of science in elementary education. Before finding my home at Sandhill Venable  I taught in South Carolina for two years and Polk County, North Carolina for 3 years. Each of the schools that I have had the pleasure to work at have had their own unique student body and community. These experiences taught me to cultivate the best in  each person and situation I was involved with. After all of these years that is still my goal.
 My mission as a teacher is to make each child feel like a valuable and contributing member of our classroom community. I provide a challenging and fun environment for children to come to each day. I hope that each of my students will develop a love of learning that stays with them for their entire lives.  This is best achieved when families are involved. So I encourage family participation, however that can work for your family. Participation can be: checking homework and talking about your child's day with them, volunteering at home, or coming into the building and helping out.  Anything you can do is appreciated! Please let me know if you have  interest in volunteering.
 Last but definitely not least, I am a part of a wonderful family! My husband, two boys, two dogs, three goats, and four bee hives are the joy of my life! We live way out in the country and enjoy all that nature has to offer us. You will hear lots of stories about our adventures as the year goes on!!!