Unit 7 Investigations

About the Mathematics in This Unit

Our class is starting a new mathematics unit about addition and subtraction called How Many Miles? During this unit, students build on the work from Unit 3 as they practice and refine addition and subtraction strategies working with 3-digit numbers.

Throughout the unit, students work toward these goals:

Benchmark/Goal Examples
Solve addition and subtraction problems involving masses or volumes. A juice carton has 300 milliliters of juice in it. A different juice carton has 145 milliliters in it. How much juice is in both cartons?
Solve 3-digit addition problems using at least one strategy fluently.


438 + 257

Solve 3-digit subtraction problems fluently.

Solve:  539 - 381

Benchmark/Goal Examples
Estimate and measure liquid volume and mass using standard units.

How many liters does the container hold?

A hand pours a liter of water from a pitcher into a fish tank.