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We are learning so much in music...  

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Kindergarten is learning about music basics. We are learning about rhythm and how it connects to syllables. Students have been singing, clapping, and playing rhythms. They have also played a rhythm game with a partner and played with rhythm on the SMARTboard. We are moving on this week to learning about how we can make loud and soft sound.
First graders are building on what they learned in music last year in kindergarten.  For the next two weeks we will be learning how to perform a sound-scape (using instruments as sound effects to enhance a poem, story or song) and then creating an original piece of music to perform along with the sound-scape. 
Second graders are learning how music and science are connected. Some scientists study about sound and vibrations and music is all about making and organizing sound. We are exploring how sounds can be loud and soft and how they can be high and low.
Third Grade is singing a song about dancing in the rain and learning to play patterns on instruments. Adding instrument patterns is one way to change the sound of a piece of music. Each student will have a chance to play an instrument part while the rest of the class sings.
 Fourth grade students are learning how to play the recorder. These students will be learning how to follow music on the staff.  Playing an instrument takes practice and hard work. They will have a chance to purchase a recorder and music book for practice at home. A book will be $3 and a recorder will be $3. If your child purchases a book, please help them establish a few minutes for practice three or four times each week. These students will practice different songs in class and play for me in order to earn a "Recorder Karate Belt."  There are 9 belts of different colors. Most students in 4th grade earn 3-5 belts and finish earning their belts in 5th grade.
Fifth graders are also playing recorders. They are building on progress they made last year. They will have a chance to complete the Recorder Karate music book earning all 9 belts. Please be supportive as they practice at home. The more they practice, the better they will get at playing this instrument. Some of our 5th graders already finished this last year and will be working on more advanced music and earning multi-colored belts for their recorder.