Jackson, Denise

Welcome to my Classroom
SandHill-Venable Elementary School
Room 104
  Hello, my name is Denise Jackson, and I have been working at SandHill-Venable since 2005. I am a graduate of Mars Hill College and I have a Masters degree from Montreat College. I started here in the Title One department and, I  taught second grade  for six years before coming to first grade. This is my seventh year in first grade. I also taught  a year in fifth grade.
 I feel very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community and school.


I have three children,  two daughters; ages 23, and 28 and a 28 year old son. I have a grandson who is now 6 years old and a brand new grandson born in June!  My children have very different learning styles, and abilities, therefore I am determined to give every effort to reach the needs of every student in my classroom, but what's most important is  that I make sure each student knows  I care about their success! I am very blessed to share a portion of your child's success this year and I welcome you to contact me after school by phone, or email, any time, if there is a need or situation that I can help with. Together we will have a fantastic year in first grade.