Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted Program

The gifted program serves students who have a definite or extreme need for curriculum differentiation. Formal identification usually starts in the third grade. There is a nomination period each fall. Buncombe County uses multiple criteria to determine the degree of need for differentiation. The criteria include: aptitude (intelligence) testing, achievement testing, teacher observation of typical gifted characteristics, teacher documentation of the need for differentiation, student grades, and work samples. Services provided are listed below.

  • Cluster grouping (5 or more gifted students) with teachers with training in gifted education
  • Curriculum Differentiation by the classroom teachers with consults by Gifted Specialist
  • Gifted Reference and Curriculum Materials - available for loan to teachers K-5
  • Enrichment Groups with the Gifted Specialist with curriculum designed for gifted students:


·         5th Grade - "Journeys" - a concept-based unit on immigration; use digital technology as a tool to research and communicate information; Caesar's English lessons 13-20; DeBono's Six Thinking Hats (review); Gifted Awareness; Algebraic thinking activities


·         4th Grade - "Our World, Our Future" - a concept-based unit on the environment,use digital technology as a tool to research and communicate information, Caesar's English lessons 5-12; DeBono's Six Thinking Hats (introduction); Gifted Awareness; Algebra - Hands On Equations (level 1);


·         3rd Grade - People Making a Difference: a concept-based unit on heroes; use digital technology as a tool to research and communicate information; Caesar's English lessons 1-4; Gifted Awareness; Algebra Thinking First Experiences

  • Understanding by Design - using "Big Idea" Concepts, Generalizations, Questions
  • 1-2 talent development - weekly "Problem Solvers" for students who show a need for enrichment
  • K- AIG Teacher will collaborate with the Kindergarten Teachers as needed.
  • Progress Report to parents detailing study topics & student progress for those identified students.
  • Nominations for Gifted Services, testing, and review of need for differentiation

Questions or concerns-Contact or call 670-5028ext 1421.

Please check out this AIG Plan Power Point Presentation for information about the AIG program:
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